Guy Kicks Cat on Vine, Infuriates the Internet

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"Look at this goddamn cat on my porch. Get the f*ck off my porch," said Walter Easley moments before kicking a kitten off his porch and into his yard.

He then posted a video of the incident on Vine. After the video drew the attention of 4chan and reddit, Easley found himself at the center of an internet justice mob.

The original Vine post has been deleted, but of course it hasn't been purged from the internet. Remember, once you upload something to any social network, there really aren't any take backsies.

But before it was deleted, it spread like wildfire on Vine. The Vine, actually posted over a week ago, didn't really receive any attention until it was picked up by 4chan and eventually reddit's r/rage subreddit.

"Looks like he's getting a lot of negative feedback on the app in case anyone was wondering. Nearly 1,000 comments and 3,000 revines, everyone is pissed," said one redditor.

"I don't understand people who do this and post it online. Doesn't he know people online are obsessed with pets, and cats in particular? That people who abuse animals are mercilessly hunted down and doxed?" says another redditor.

And it's probably that - the whole doxing thing - that led to the original post being removed from both reddit and 4chan's boards. It's likely that redditors began the chants for internet justice and things got a bit out of control. Rule #1 (literally, it's rule #1) on r/rage (and most reddit subreddits) is that you can't post personal information. When a comment thread has been decimated to the level that this one has, you know that's likely what happened.

You can see another post and subsequent comments here.

Don't abuse animals. Don't kick cats. Don't kick cats and then post the video of it to Vine. You know what, forget Vine. Just don't kick cats, prick.

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