Guy Custom Mills Vintage Fischer Price Record to Play Stairway to Heaven

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Although this video is a little hipster-ish, we have to admit, it's still pretty cool. If you were a kid in the seventies, clear out your parents attic or basement and chances are you might run into one of these old Fischer Price toy record players.

When the nostalgia wears off, you might want think about doing what this guy did - making new records for the toy that plays any song you can think of. Warning: the most epic song of all time is already taken.

The video comes with an instructable on how to make your own. All you need is a piece of acrylic, a CNC mill, and music editing software downloaded from the site. With the CNC mill, you can create the record used almost any material, even wood.

I don't advise doing it unless you have a CNC mill or just really really like music box music, as the mill can be expensive. The guy who made this got a "cheap" one for about $1,000.

Listening to records in the 21st century makes you cool. Listening to toy records that you make yourself out of wood in the 21st century, puts you at a level of hipster that was previously thought unattainable. A thousand skinny, bearded men wearing a thousand knit caps and drinking a thousand macchiatos can not compare to you.

No Stairway. Denied.

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