Guild Wars 2 Finally Gets A Release Date

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The guys at Arenanet have been pretty forthcoming about all of the features and details we can expect from Guild Wars 2. Through a series of successful beta weekends and constant developer diaries, players have come to know the ins and outs of Guild Wars 2. There has been one question constantly nagging us though - when will the damn game come out?

A short video released this morning by Arenanet reveals the answer to that very question. Guild Wars 2 will officially launch on August 28. That leaves us only a little under two months to get ready for the biggest MMO launch this year.

While EA is currently trying to salvage Star Wars: The Old Republic and launching The Secret World on July 3, Arenanet is coming to the beleaguered MMO players side. The verdict is still out on The Secret World, but TOR has already proven to be just another WoW clone with Star Wars skins. From what players have been saying thanks to the aforementioned beta weekends, Guild Wars 2 is going to change the game on what to expect from MMOs.

Of course, Guild Wars 2 could just become like all other MMOs and die out within a few years. I don't really see that happening though as it's going free out of the gate with only a one-time up-front purchase of $60. The developers at Arenanet will be constantly supplying the game with new features and expansions as the years go on as well ensuring that Guild Wars 2 remains in the minds of many.

While the game will be launching in August, Arenanet can still take the time to work a few more kinks in the game. They announced that the final beta weekend will take place on July 20 and last through the 22. You can still pre-order the game and get in on the last beta weekend if you're so inclined.

If you are so excited about Guild Wars 2 getting a launch date and must talk to somebody about out, there are plenty of folks at our Guild Wars 2 forums who would be happy to oblige. Start up a chat and set up your parties for August 28.

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