'GTA Online' Update Brings Match Creation, Capture Mode Previewed


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Grand Theft Auto Online has had a hard time finding its feet, but developer Rockstar is slowly getting the online mode for Grand Theft Auto V into a playable (and hopefully fun) state.

Today Rockstar announced that the long-promised game mode creation tools will be released in beta form this week. Players will be able to use a "Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta" to make their own jobs for deathmatch, team deathmatch, race, GTA Race, and Rally Race modes. Other players will then be able to play those created jobs and share them again through the Rockstar Games Social Club. The beta will be coming out with the GTA Online update that will begin rolling out on December 10.

The new content creator may end up being just the crowd-sourced solution that the content-starved GTA Online needs. Rockstar has promised to take the best of user-created games and feature them as "Rockstar Verified Jobs" that will be shared with everyone playing GTA Online.

In addition to the new creation tools, Rockstar today teased a brand new game mode for GTA Online. The new mode, called "Capture" is a capture the flag-type mode that pits teams against each other with the objective to steal vehicles or packages from each other. Up to four squads will be able to play at one time, working together to infiltrate enemy territory and put those heist skills to work. The mode will be available in four sub-modes - raid, contend, hold, and GTA.

Capture mode will not be coming with this week's update, but Rockstar has teased that it will be coming by the end of the year. Looking further into the future, the developer is also now teasing full cooperative heists for GTA Online, as well as expansions for the single-player GTA V.