GTA Online Launches Today, Here Are the Details


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Following a record-breaking launch, gamers have now had two weeks to burn through the abundant single-player content in Grand Theft Auto V. Today, the online component of the game, Grand Theft Auto Online, will be activated, allowing up to 16 players to roam around Los Santos together. Developer Rockstar today revealed a few details that fans may want to know before jumping online.

GTA Online is free (though it will have microtransactions), though gamers will have to download a "small" update for the game prior to playing. After that, switching to the fourth character slot (the bottom one) will take players directly into GTA Online.

Once players get there they are free to roam the city and cause mayhem at their leisure. Taking jobs and completing missions will allow players to rank up their "Reputation Points," which will unlock more guns and clothes for purchase. According to Rockstar, the content in GTA Online will evolve over time as both the developer and players create new content for the game.

Players will each be able to customize a character using a "hereditary-based" character creator. Players will choose parents and the level of genetic dominance seen from each. Then a series of "lifestyle" questions will be answered, determining the appearance and starting statistics of a character. In addition, players can each have homes where other players can be invited to for a meeting. Rockstar has implemented limits on these visits to prevent griefing.