'Growing Pains' Star Jeremy Miller Battled Alcohol Addiction

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Child star Jeremy Miller admitted in an interview on Entertainment Tonight that he faced alcohol problems after Growing Pains ended taping in the early 1990’s.

Miller is a child star who found fame in 1985 for his role as Ben Seaver on the ABC sitcom Growing Pains. The show ran for seven years.

After Growing Pains, Miller starred in three made-for-TV reunion movies of the popular sitcom and a few roles before bowing out from the spotlight.

According to the star, he’d go over to the liquor store and drink a pint of whatever he bought by noon. By evening, he’d already have drunk another pint. He cites bourbon, vodka, and malt liquor as some of his choice drinks.

He also said that he would sometimes black out, and his sons would be afraid of him. Miller claimed that alcohol was his way of suppressing emotions.

His drinking problems began when he had to deal with “family stuff.” He has three stepsons with his wife Joanie.

But his drinking history goes way before his acting career even started. Miller stated that he started drinking at four years old, and his grandparents have told him stories of how he would finish people’s beers during parties.

Miller’s alcohol problems worsened after Growing Pains. He said that he is thankful that he didn’t own a gun, thinking that he’d do “something stupid” like commit suicide. He added that he had suicidal thoughts when things got out of hand. There were nights when he felt the urge strongly.

However, Miller’s life is turning around with a new treatment called Naltrexone, which he said has changed his life. He has been clean for two years and works at Start Fresh Recovery Clinic in California as a patient advocate.

He also has two movie roles in pre-production.

Miller says implant helped him overcome alcoholism

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