Groundhog's Day: Twitter Reacts


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So we see the shadow 6 more weeks of winter, we don't see the shadow Spring's around the corner. Thanks, groundhog, you're totally reliable. If you actually believe Phil the groundhog can predict weather, go to The and learn how weather works. He's just an animal, but apparently hundreds of people still want to gather together at Gobblers Knob (laughs to self) to see the guy pop out of his hole, looking all surprised to see all those people gathered around him like they're there to repossess his property.

Even with accurate weather radar and career meteorologists working hard ever day to bring you somewhat reliable weather, folks still have to participate in this annual tradition. So now that the guy has popped out and "predicted" an early spring, twitter is popping and bouncing like a computer screen full of popcorn with buzz.

So with Winter nearly over are you ready for Spring or are you a fan of snow, cold weather and frostbite? Let us know your opinions on Spring, Winter and Groundhog's Day in the comments.