Greta Van Susteren Spars with (Democratic?) Candidate Mike Dickinson

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Greta Van Susteren invited Mike Dickinson, a man who claims to be running for congress, on her show for some verbal sparring. Even though Dickinson is a Democrat, he may not be on the Democratic ballot in November.

The segment began with Dickinson's tweet last week, in which he declared a "war on Fox News". The war not only ragged over Twitter but also caught the attention of Greta Van Susteren, who ran a segment about the war on her Fox Show "On the Record". A few days later, Dickinson made an appearance on her show.

"I think the facts are misrepresented," Mike Dickinson said on Van Susteren's show, explaining he launched the war because Fox News "encourages people to fight the government, like Obama and the federal government is this big, bad authority."

Van Susteren made no mention of the encounter on her Twitter account, ukline Dickinson who started up a hashtag, #VoteMikeonGreta:

Although he was introduced as the Democratic candidate challenging Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the deadline for filing in that district passed that day. In fact, the Democrats of the 7th Congressional District of Virginia cancelled their nominating convention. "No candidates filed to be considered for the nomination," Richmond City Democratic Committee announced on their website, "Therefore, the Convention previously scheduled for Saturday, May 3rd has been cancelled."

Because the deadline passed, many speculated Dickinson dropped out of the race, which he denied:

When then asked why he did not file to be on the ballot, Dickinson evaded the question:

Dickinson continues to make noise about running for office on his twitter account. It remains unknown if he will gain any more attention from the media if he continues to make tweets like this one:

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