Gregg Williams Bounty Program Audio States, "Take out the Outside ACL"

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With the recent bounty gate scandal that has taken hold down in New Orleans, all sorts of opinions have been spouted from fans, players, and coaches. Everything from, "Williams should never be allowed to coach again", "Any players involved in it should be kicked out", to those who have defended the program by saying other teams have most likely done the same thing.

The NFL has certainly taken a strong stance by suspending Sean Payton for a year, and suspending Gregg Williams indefinitely. The problem is we've been on the outside looking in during this whole thing, until now. Directly below is an audio recording of Gregg Williams before the NFC divisional playoff game against the San Francisco 49'ers. It's pretty eye-opening, and like what you'd expect from a NFL locker room it's (NSFW: language).

An inspirational speech for a group of assassins, or for grown men playing football? It would be hard to tell if you listened to it not knowing where it came from.

The audio certainly verifies everything we've heard about the bounty program, in that Williams wanted his players to target specific players on the other team and exploit their injuries. I don't think anyone expected coaches to talk to players about being nice or genial with the opposition, but I'd like to think most fans wouldn't want their coaches to tell players to potentially kill or injure a player for life.

What was your favorite line of dialogue from the speech?

At the very least, Williams can say he never kicked Mike Ditka off his team for questioning his tactics...

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