Grandma Takes a Lightsaber to Dubstep [VIDEO]

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With the EA's Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO on hold today due to a patch-related mix-up, you may be hard-up for your Star Wars fix. You'll be happy, then, to see this video portraying one older woman's lightsaber skills:

It seems granny doesn't appreciate dubstep. And, though her technique is odd and her stance is unconventional, that woman has perfected her lightsaber throw. Let this be a lesson to young people everywhere: respect the elderly. You never know which of them might have a deep connection to the force. Also (and I'm just speculating here) midichlorian count might increase with age.

The poster of the video, andrewmfilms, has more of these short films on his YouTube page. All of them blend video game and pop culture references into real-life scenarios. Some good ones include Real Life Super Mario Bros., Minecraft: Zombie Attack, and Metal Slug in Real Life.

Here is a found footage-style short film andrewmfilms posted a month ago that could serve as a public service announcement, highlighting the dangers of abusing ancient dragon phrases:

Wow. Perhaps ZeniMax Media's recent trademarking of the famous dragon shout was actually a bid to save lives.

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