"Grace Of Monaco" Is Not A Biopic, Says Nicole Kidman

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Nicole Kidman recently spoke about her new film, Grace Of Monaco, after critics razed it and the family of Princess Grace denounced it, saying that the film may have taken liberties with the subject matter because it's not a biopic.

The film focuses on Kelly as a bored royal, unable to fit in with the friends of her new husband Prince Ranier and wooed by Hollywood bigshots--namely Alfred Hitchcock--to come back to the U.S. Prince Albert and his sisters, Caroline and Stephanie, have called the film a "farce" and say they want nothing to do with it, refusing to attend the premiere at Cannes.

"The film has no malice towards the family, nor to Grace nor Rainier. It's fictionalized, it's not a biopic ... you take dramatic license at times. The performance was done with love," Kidman said, acknowledging that she's "sad" about the feelings of the royal family.

Critics have panned the film, saying that Harvey Weinstein should have taken more responsibility for the final cut.

"The film made headlines due to conflicts between the director and Harvey Weinstein, but for once, we'd be tempted to side with 'Harvey Scissorhands', because it's hard to see how his edit of the film could be any worse than this one," reads Indiewire.

"The cringe-factor is ionospherically high. A fleet of ambulances may have to be stationed outside the Palais to take tuxed audiences to hospital afterwards to have their toes uncurled under general anaesthetic," wrote Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian.

One of the highlights of the film is the attention paid to Kidman's wardrobe; Kelly was always impeccably dressed and her style has been imitated by many, but never copied.

“It’s hard to boil down [her style] to a couple of words, which is why there are two books about it. It’s an understated, very tasteful, typically American look that was around already, but she popularized it, made it glamorous," said Kristina Haugland, author of "Grace Kelly Style".

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