Gorgeous Artwork Made With Only The Artist's Eyes

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It's pretty amazing, the things humans are capable of when inspiration and the desire to create are strong enough. One artist, Francis Tsai, has come up with a way to make art using only his eyes after the effects of Lou Gehrig's Disease took away his ability to draw in a more common way.

Incredibly, Tsai first learned to draw with his feet after realizing he couldn't use his hands anymore, but that became too much, as well. Using ground-breaking software from Tobii which allows eye-tracking to be combined with a computer interface, Tsai figured out how to get what was in his head out into the world using only his eye movements.

According to Tobii's website: An eye tracker is a device that uses projection patterns and optical sensors to gather data about gaze direction or eye movements with very high accuracy. Most eye trackers are based on the fundamental principle of corneal-reflection tracking. The eye gaze provides a very efficient way of pointing. We do it all the time in interaction with other humans. Eye tracking technology enables us to use our gaze in interaction with computers and machines. It's fast, intuitive and natural.

Tsai talks a bit about his journey on his blog; you can buy his prints here. The proceeds go towards his medical care.

Shoutout to Kotaku for the lead.




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