Google's Think Insights Expands to 21 Countries

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Think Insights, Google's repository of studies, video, and infographics to help marketers get a handle on their audience, has now expanded to cover 21 countries all across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The site was founded by Google to open up its marketing research to the public and help digital marketers keep track of their fast-changing industry.

Eileen Munnelly, director of large customer marketing and insights for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Google, announced the expansion over on the Google Official Blog. There, she outlined how Think Insights can help marketing professionals understand their customer demographics, develop digital strategies, and spot consumer and industry trends.

The main features of Think Insights are its research library and Insights tools. According to Munnelly, the research library is filled with studies and whitepapers from all 21 countries and can be searched by country, sector, marketing objective, and media type. Many of the studies in the research library are ones that were commissioned by Google itself to research consumers, media trends, online advertising, and new technologies. The site's Insight tools allow users to explore, using customizable graphs and graphics, the internet usage and other media habits of consumers. Google supplements these features with videos on relevant topics from experts in their fields.

Google UK has prepared a video explaining how Think Insights works to keep online advertisers up to speed on consumer trends:

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