Google's New Blogger Interface to Become Permanent

IT Management

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When Google launched a redesign of its popular blogging platform late last year, it was completely optional for users. That choice is now quickly coming to an end.

Over at the Blogger Buzz blog, Google announced today that the default interface for Blogger will be changed to the new version "in the coming weeks." If you're still using the old version you can click the 'Upgrade Now' link at the top of your Blogger dashboard to switch to the new version.

Blogger users would do well to go ahead and become familiar with the new layout, since all Blogger accounts will soon be permanently upgraded. If you're still a little hesitant to make the switch, Google has prepared a video highlighting the features of the new look and the benefits of switching over.

It appears as if Google has implemented a bit of the WordPress 'feel' into this new interface. The ability to track traffic and comments on the dahsboard is a nice touch. Google+ integration is certainly nice, if you use Google's social network at all.

I suspect that those who haven't already made the switch are those who somehow haven't heard about it or those who are simply stubborn about change. They will probably just wait until Google forces their hand, but now they can't say they haven't been warned.