Google's Chromebooks Getting An Ivy Bridge Upgrade?

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The source code for Coreboot, the software that handles the initial booting process in Google's Chrome OS operating system, has recently been updated to allow it to interface with Intel's Sandy Bridge and upcoming Ivy Bridge processors. The change suggests that future Chromebooks models will be getting a major speed boost.

The update was first noticed by Michael Larabel of Phoronix, who says that update doesn't come from Intel, but from Google. The use of Coreboot with Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors will allow Chromebooks computers to boot much faster. Though Chrome OS laptops have sold decently well in certain markets, they have not gained widespread popularity. One of the major complaints has been their speed. Making the computers faster could go a long way to increasing their popular appeal.

This is not the first time we've heard about Chromebooks getting a boost lately. Last week there were reports that Sony had filed FCC paperwork for a new VAIO notebook that would run Chrome OS, making Sony the third computer manufacturer to produce computers running Google's web-based operating system. While there was no information in those documents about what kind of processor such a computer would include, it's a safe bet that it could feature Ivy Bridge processors, thanks to the Coreboot update.

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