Google's Build Site is Made of 8 Trillion Legos

IT Management

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We all love Legos and Google knows it. Google has been working with Lego Australia on a new platform called Build.

Essentially, Build is the largest Lego set the World has ever seen (it has 8 trillion bricks). Google says its a place to create, imagine, and explore. But what do you do with it? The same thing you do with any Lego set, build.

The site shows off the capability of the Chrome browser and it will kick off in Australia and New Zealand first, but be added in other areas soon. This year is the Lego's 50th anniversary and Build is a tribute to the ever popular construction toys.

Google lays out the ground rules for the Build site:

• Be original. Your build must be from your own work.
• Be nice. Don't create builds to offend or shock others.
• Play safe. Don't give out personal details.
• Don't preach. Don't promote religious or political ideologies.
• Play don't sell. Don't advertise a brand.
• Keep it clean. Don't build anything that's inappropriate.
• Have fun. Express your creativity and free your imagination!

This year is the 50th anniversary of the LEGO brick in Australia and Build is joining the celebration in a Festival of Play online. Take a look: