Google Tries to Carve Out its Place in Mobile

Arguably the biggest news in the tech industry so far this year, has been Google's launch of the Nex...
Google Tries to Carve Out its Place in Mobile
Written by Chris Crum
  • Arguably the biggest news in the tech industry so far this year, has been Google’s launch of the Nexus One smartphone. The company rocked the mobile space when it announced that it would be selling the device on its own without the need of a carrier contract (although such contracts are available).

    Google Nexus OneThe device has come under fire from some consumers, who complain about poor 3G connections, as well as customer support issues. It has reportedly been difficult for people to get the support they’re after via phone call, with the company apparently preferring online and email support.

    Google has acknowledged the problems that exist though, and seems to be taking the position that everything will get straightened out, chalking up the trouble to a new way of doing things. One Google spokesperson is quoted as saying:

    "We’ve worked closely with our Nexus One launch partners to make support available through a variety of channels. This is a new way to purchase and support a mobile phone, and we’re committed to sorting out the few kinks that do exist."

    Google is advertising the Nexus One hard. For a while, it even had its own spot right on the home page. As other have noted, the company has been flooding the web with ads for it in general.

    The Nexus One is only the beginning of Google’s mobile plans though. In time, the company will release more devices. WebProNews recently spoke with GoogleAndBlog author Michael Martin about the company’s plans in the mobile market (keep in mind this was shot prior to the release of the Nexus One):

    The Nexus One has been forecast to sell 5 or 6 million units this year, and generate between $2.6 billion and $3.2 billion. Google is currently selling the phone for $529 on its own, with T-Mobile offering it with a two-year contract for $179. eWeek reports that it costs $174.15 to make, according to iSuppli.

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