Google to Offer Interesting New Display Ad Formats

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While you may not tend to think about display ads when you think about Google, the company seems to be working hard to change that. Google says display advertising is at the heart of what it is doing these days, and that 99% of its top 1,000 clients are running campaigns on the Google Display Network. 

The company showcased some new display ad-related technologies their using at the IAB MIXX Conference yesterday. Google demonstrated new video ad formats it's been testing on YouTube, called "TrueView", which will roll out later this year. The ads let users skip them if they don't want to watch, or choose from multiple ads, which one they do want to watch. Advertisers would only pay when the user chooses to watch. 

"We showed some of the things that are becoming possible with our new Teracent technology," Google says. "This technology can dynamically alter the creative elements of an ad in real-time to make it more relevant and effective, depending on factors like geographic location, language, the content of the website and the time of day."

Google Display Network

Google also demonstrated some interesting new interactive print ad technology, taking advantage of Google Goggles, the company's visual search app. "Imagine pointing your phone's camera at an ad for a car in a magazine, and having the car appear in 3D in your mobile device. Or pointing at a movie poster and having the movie trailer play in the device, right in your hand," the company says. "No QR codes, no downloads!"

Google also showed off some rich media, expandable ads where the company's speech was broadcast live in various ads across the web, and was updated with realtime tweets. 

Google says the display ad industry will grow to $50 billion in five years.

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