Google+ Team Talks JavaScript And REST APIs

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It was only yesterday that Google posted the latest Google+ platform office hours on YouTube. That one was from last weekend and contained lots of juicy info including a live coding session. It might surprise you then that Google was a little late in getting one of their past hangouts out on YouTube. It might be old, but it's still a good one.

Today's hangout comes from March 21, but it contains some super important updates regarding Google+. These are the details developers would be keen on learning to get the most out of the platform. As the headline might have tipped you off on, the main focus of this hangout is JavaScript and the REST APIs.

While the above issues take up the majority of the hangout at a whopping 24 minutes, the team still some time out to answer some important viewer questions. The one that may be the most pertinent to Google+ users is if Google has plans on bringing the old +1 button back. I personally like the new sleek look of the +1 button, but I'm sure the old one had its fans as well. Well, Google says that the majority of users seem to like the change to the new +1 button. They do welcome any and all feedback though on the matter.

Speaking of feedback, Google has a handy Google+ platform issue tracker where developers can submit issues they have with the platform. These kind of things usually don't see a reply so it's no surprise that some developers may feel that Google isn't paying attention. That's not the case according to the Google+ team. They say that they read each and every one of them and discuss them internally.

Check out this latest Google+ hangout and become informed. The platform is constantly changing and it's good to stay on top of said changes.