Google Talks Dart Editor Before I/O Starts

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Can you believe that Google I/O is almost upon us? The gaming industry had their E3 and Apple had their WWDC, but now it's Google's time to shine. What are we going to see? More Google Glasses or maybe even a Google tablet? Google doesn't care about any of that right now and neither should you. You need to get caught up on your programming skills before heading out to all the developer conferences at I/O.

In the spirit of preparing your minds for the influx of information that you are most likely to be bombarded with at I/O, Google has created the Google I/O 101 video series. For those that still remember college after waking up from a bourbon bottle on the eve of your graduation, 101 is the most basic course available to students. In that sense, Google has prepared various introductory lectures on the stuff you'll be seeing at I/O.

One of the first videos out of the gate comes from Google's Seth Ladd. It's all about Dart, Google's programming language that's built for the Web. It's completely open source and super awesome. Google will be hosting two sessions directly about Dart, but you can bet that a lot of the Chrome sessions will have heavy Dart influences. That's why you should get all the learning in now before the event.

The below video will show you how to use the Dart Editor. It's assumed that you will be using the Dart Editor during the Chrome sessions to manipulate the code that you use to build dynamic Web pages. A lot of Web developers probably already know how to use the Dart Editor, but the video should be a good refresh nonetheless.

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