Google Talk Asks: Do You Fall At Same Rate As Your Mirror Image?

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Theoretical physicist Stephon Alexander gave a Google Tech Talk earlier this week, which Google has now made available for viewing. The talk is called "Do you fall at the same rate as your mirror image?"

Intrigued yet? Here's the abstract:

Over the past decade, based on work pioneered by the speaker, cosmologists have had reason to suspect that Einstein's gravity has a preferred handedness (chirality). In this talk, after giving an overview of the structure of general relativity, I will explore the cosmological, gravitational wave detection and particle physics consequences of the Chiral Nature of General Relativity. I conclude with an astonishing new direction of unifiying gravity with the weak nuclear interaction, that differs from string theory. At stake potentially is the long elusive goal of physicists to develop a Grand Unified Theory - a coherent model of particle physics, gravitation and cosmology!

Alexander specializes in the interface between cosmology, particle physics and quantum gravity (String Theory and Loop Quantum Gravity).

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