Google Solicits AdWords 10th Birthday Tributes

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For quite some time, AdWords has been good to Google and a lot of other companies, and Google would now like some outside help as it celebrates that fact. Advertisers have been asked to contribute YouTube videos or written pieces in recognition of the tenth birthday of AdWords.

Admittedly, this may sound a little self-involved on Google's part, but it's no worse than the tradition of a person accepting presents at a birthday party. Also, depending on how Google decides to use and/or highlight the videos, this process may amount to free advertising for some companies.

Anyway, Jason Shafton, who's a product marketing manager at Google, wrote on the Inside AdWords blog, "The story of AdWords is literally the story of you, our advertisers and partners. . . . So . . . . [t]his December, as part of our AdWords 10th birthday celebration, we'll be publishing a global map featuring businesses who are happy to tell their stories."

Shafton then continued, "Join us by creating a short (three minutes or less) YouTube video or written piece (750 characters or less) telling us your story: who you are, what your business is about, how it's grown, and the role AdWords has played in your success."

You can find more details, look at sample videos, and submit your own clip through this page.

Happy birthday to AdWords (and congratulations to the people behind it), by the way.

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