Google+ Shares Daria Musk: Hangout Success Story

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If you've got something to share and you want to reach a wide network of people Google+ might be for you. Today Google shared on their blog the story of Daria Musk, a young musical performer who made her dreams come true using Google+ hangouts.

Daria had a dream of reaching out to people with her music and playing in front of large crowds. Using Google+ Hangouts she was able to advertise shows and bring people together to watch them. Before she could even recognize the power of this type of social networking she was playing to huge global crowds.

Daria comments on what she was thinking about when she decided to try Google+:

“I was dreaming maybe there’s this wider world that I can sing for,"

“Maybe my people are out there somewhere.”

“Right now if you get on Google+ and you show that you’re doing something remarkable, they’ll notice you,”

Take a look at her video:

Daria included some advice about how to have success with Hangouts on the blog. Here's what she recommends:

* Announce the Hangout: Be excited! Hang a virtual poster on your stream and tell users what you’ll be doing or discussing.

* Encourage participants: If you’ve noticed great comments, invite those users directly to get a lively discussion going.

* Follow up: After the Hangout, post a summary on your stream. What happened? What was discussed? What will you do with what you learned?

This is simple advice that can really go a long way to get people interested in what you're promoting whether it is yourself or a particular product/service. What she's doing would work for many different applications. This something Google provides for free so users should really take advantage of it.

As of the 13th of this month Daria reached a milestone with Google+, she has one million followers. It took her about eight months to reach this point, and if you are wondering if it furthered her career, it certainly did.

After some searching I found Daria featured on Taylor Guitars website. Taylor Guitars is a huge manufacturer and distributor of guitars worldwide. Being featured on their site is a big deal and if she were to secure some type of endorsement deal in the future, it could bring her a lot of recognition.

Check out the video Taylor Guitars has of Daria on their website:

Seems like she's doing pretty good to me, this was a great story for Google to feature on their new social networking platform. It definitely opens up my mind two the Google+ experience.

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