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For a little while now, Google has displayed all of their previous Google Doodles in one specific place, and Google Doodle enthusiasts have been able to browse through every Doodle (beginning in 1998) displayed for countries all over the world.

That site has just received a pretty significant overhaul, and the folks at Google are pretty excited about it.

You can still browse through all of the Doodle, filtered by year and country - just like before. But Google has added deeper interaction with each specific Doodle.

For instance, if I click on that awesome Les Paul Doodle from June, 2011, I am taken to a page when I can interact with the Doodle (read rock out on the guitar) and learn some information behind the Doodle as well.

We’ve always thought it was a little sad that doodles are only available on the homepage for a day. Since we’re firm believers in having too much of a good thing, we set up a gallery of all our previous doodles a while ago. Now on the new site, you can browse, watch or play with over 1000 doodles. Enjoy front-row tickets to a Martha Graham dance, send the first man to space or learn more about why one doodler decided to “cartoonize” Mary Blair.

Google has also added the Doodle Store to the mix, allowing you to order a variety of items stamped with your favorite Google Doodles. This includes T-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, stamps and even skateboards. This holiday season, make sure to snag a Pierre de Fermat-inspired coffee mug for all the math geeks out there.

What's your favorite Google Doodle From 2011? Let us know in the comments.

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