Google Research Scientist Chisels Facebook's Tombstone

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Google Research Scientist Kevin McCurley was "just having fun!" as he explained, but he posted a picture of a grave with the word "Facebook" on it, and the years: 2004-2011.

I don't think this equates to Google saying that Facebook is dead or anything, but given the rivalry between these companies, it's always fun to see when they take shots at each other.

Facebook Tombstone

Of course, by my count, Google+ has about 760 million users to go before it catches up to Facebook, though I do still maintain that it's really more about the Google account, rather than the Google+ account.

I wonder what Googler Steve Yegge's take is on the Google+ vs. Facebook battle. Oh wait, we already know that. It was: "Google+ is a knee-jerk reaction, a study in short-term thinking, predicated on the incorrect notion that Facebook is successful because they built a great product." and "Facebook gets it."

Ok, his take was actually, much, much longer than that (you can read it here), and the other day, he also said, "they’re [Google] already figuring out how to deal with some of the issues I raised."

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