Google Reader's Mobile Interface Upgraded

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Google's announcements relating to mobile didn't end with the launch of the Nexus One yesterday.  Google Reader received some updates that are intended to work within the world of cell phones (along with one Web interface upgrade), too.

The list of changes is fairly long, and all together, they do a good job of bringing the mobile version of Google Reader in line with the Web edition.  For starters: Google added support for "liking," tagging, and sorting feeds according to items' ages.

Then, as a post on the Official Google Reader Blog explained, "[W]e redesigned the bottom action bar to include a 'More' link, revealing additional options (with the most common actions selected by default). . . .  We've also updated the main header to be consistent with other Google mobile applications . . . .  And we've added an option drop-down in place of the old secondary tool bar, to give you a little more space for your feed items."

Finally, let's not forget the one alteration made to the Web interface.  In the "Recommended Sources" section, users will now find people recommendations designed to introduce them to folks who share similar items.  This social component could help increase usage of Google Reader and result in a little more publicity for a lot of blogs.

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