Google+ Is Still A Bunch Of Dudes

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Google+ isn't quite walking yet, but its motor skills are progressing quite nicely and its probably eating some sort of solid food by now. In its growth from newborn to 7-moth-old baby, one of the most talked about demographics of the network has been its gender diversity - or lack thereof.

Google+ is progressing from an all-male frat house to a slightly more diversified frat party. Recently, that's probably being aided by the fact that signing up for a Google profile now means signing up for a Google+ profile as well. Whatever the reason, we've seen progression over the last few months. When Google was just a few weeks old, figures estimated the network to be a legitimate good ol' boys club at 88% male. A few months in, it had leveled out a bit to 71% male. Shortly after those statistics were reported, another company echoed the findings with a 70-30 split.

Of course, not every analytics company out there reported the exact same user stats, but most of them were close - at least 2/3 male, oftentimes a bit more.

Now, months removed from those reports, Website-Monitoring has provided us with some Google+ demographics that show the girls are trying to break into the club, but struggling. Basically, Google+ is still a bunch of dudes.

According to their analysis, Google+ is still 67% male. Their sample size for this statistic is just under 44 million, which is just under half of the estimated total Google+ user base.

It appears that the demographics aren't shifting as quickly as many thought that they would. C'mon ladies - where you at?

BONUS: Their study also looked at other facts about Google+ in its current state, including:

  • Most followed person on Google+ is Britney Spears, and the most popular page is Coldplay's.
  • The top three Google+ crazy countries are the United States, India, and Brazil (in that order).
  • The top occupation? ¬†Student, by a longshot.
  • Most users are still single, a stat reported in previous reports.

Here's a spiffy infographic with some more fun stats:

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