Google Play Music Is Now On Google Glass

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Ever since it was first introduced, Google Glass has been pointed to as the future of wearable computing. While it certainly looks futuristic, the tech couldn't handle many of the features that we've come to expect out of our smart devices. That's slowly changing, however, as Google is beginning to add more and more features to Glass ahead of its public debut next year.

Googler Stephen Lau announced that Google Play Music is now officially available for Google Glass. While Google Play Music was made available unofficially before via a sideloaded app, this marks the first time Google's music app has been officially released for Glass.

So, what does the future of Google Play Music look like? According to Engadget, it works just like it does on any Android device. The only difference here is that the app can be controlled entirely through your voice so you can sort through songs, albums and artists just by using an "Okay, listen..." command.

Lau notes that any Glass explorer that sideloaded the Google Play Music app will have to uninstall it before they install the official version from the MyGlass application. If you don't, the official Google Play Music app will fail to install.

With the addition of Google Play Music, Google Glass is one step closer to broad availability on the consumer market. Another positive sign from last month saw Google working with optometrists to get prescription lenses for Glass available ahead of its launch on the consumer market next year.

[Image: Google Glass/YouTube]

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