Google Play May Begin Offering Movies

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Customers in the new Google Play market may be able to purchase movies in the not-so-distant future, according to recent reports. While Google Play currently offers a variety of options for purchasing and renting content - including movie rentals - Google Play users do not currently have the ability to buy movies.

Citing "multiple film industry sources," CNet is reporting that Google has been meeting with studio execs in an attempt to work out deals that would allow Google Play to sell movies, as well as rent them. There are no details on the specifics of such a plan yet, and Google is being predictably tight-lipped on the issue, but it makes sense. Google Play is designed to be a one-stop-shop for content, much like the iTunes Store, and the lack of movie sales is a glaring omission in its offerings.

Google Play came into being just a couple weeks ago when Google announced that they were combining the Android Market, Google Music, and the Google eBookstore into one service. Google's apps and services were quickly rebranded to reflect the change. While users can rent movies from Google Play, they cannot yet purchase them, a shortcoming Google is apparently in the process of trying to fix. Meanwhile, there have also been rumors that Google was working to bring magazines and audiobooks to Google Play as well, though when such additions might be made is not clear.

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