Google Pays Their Software Engineers More Than Facebook, Apple

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If you're a software engineer looking for work, your number one choice should probably be Google, according to a new report. Of course, that's if money is your prime directive.

According to a study from jobs site Glassdoor, Google edges out the next best tech competitor, on average, by about $5,000. Glassdoor bases their findings on anonymous salary reports shared with them over the last year. Fifteen tech companies are part of the survey.

As of today, the average salary for a Google software engineer is $128,336. Of course, that's base pay and doesn't even include stuff like stock options, bonuses, health care costs, etc. Not a bad chunk of change.

Here are the companies that round out the top five:

  • Facebook: $123,626
  • Apple: $114,413
  • eBay: $108,809
  • Zynga: $105,568

Glassdoor says that the average base salary of software engineers across the country is $92,648. That's up 2.5% since last year, and as you can see the top five tech companies in the survey best that average by $12,000 to $30,000.

This isn't the first time in recent memory that Google has been at the top of the pile in terms of job desirability. Last week, LinkedIn unveiled their "Most InDemand Employers" list for 2012 - and Google topped it. Apple and Facebook also made an appearance in the top five of their list, as did Microsoft.

Google also placed first on Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work for" list, published back in January. They cited health benefits, food, recreation, and the overall culture as reason for their choice.

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