Google Patents Google Glass Frame Designs

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For those who still think Google's Glass project is simply an experiment, a joke, or a public relations stunt, today brings even more evidence that the augmented reality glasses are real. Google has been granted three different patents (1, 2, 3) today for the design of different Google Glass headsets.

One, seen above, is the nose-wire frames Google has already shown off is several places. Two of the patents cover this design, which seems to be what Google has settled on for its main design. The other design patent, though, hints at how Google Glass might look with a full pair of glasses. The design, seen below, shows a more traditional pair of spectacles which could, conceivably, be fitted with prescription frames.

Google Glass glasses frames

Though the wire-nose frames look more design-conscious than most Google projects in beta, both designs look decidedly industrial. It will probably take an Apple design team or someone else comparable to create Google Glass frames that will truly capture the public's imagination. Glasses designers such as Oakley, which claims to have been developing augmented reality specs itself, will be needed to help Google market the technology.

As seen in the pictures, there is a thicker area on the back of one of the sides of the frames where, presumably, the hardware for the glasses will be housed. It is interesting to note that the spot seems to be curved to place it near the back of the head when worn, perhaps because there is no doubt that spot will get warm when users are watching or streaming video. I'm thinking I should patent a design for heat-sink earmuffs that re-route the heat to keep ears warm.

(via engadget)