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Google Offers Customers AI Copyright Legal Guarantee

Google has joined the ranks of companies offering a legal guarantee for customers concerned with AI copyright issues....
Google Offers Customers AI Copyright Legal Guarantee
Written by Staff
  • Google has joined the ranks of companies offering a legal guarantee for customers concerned with AI copyright issues.

    AI is being widely adopted across industries, but one of the biggest challenges that threatens adoption are copyright concerns. AI models need massive amounts of data for training, with many companies viewing the entire internet as fair game. This has led to legal and ethical questions, as well as lawsuits.

    Google is now providing customers a guarantee that if they use the company’s AI models, it will provide legal indemnification:

    At Google Cloud, we put your interests first. This means that when you choose to work with us, we become partners on a journey of shared innovation, shared support, and shared fate. We are committed to helping you evolve as technology advances, drawing on our depth of experience to ensure you can use the latest and best technology, while keeping you safe and protected. When it comes to the rapidly developing world of generative AI, this is imperative.

    The company outlines a two-prong approach:

    We put a lot of thought into how we can instill trust and confidence into these AI offerings, and today we’re pleased to share how we’re addressing one key area of interest for our customers: intellectual property indemnity as it pertains to generative AI.

    We’ll explore this complex topic in detail below, but to put it plainly for you, our customers: if you are challenged on copyright grounds, we will assume responsibility for the potential legal risks involved. To do this we will employ a two-pronged, industry-first approach designed to give you more peace of mind when using our generative AI products. The first prong relates to Google’s use of training data, while the second specifically covers generated output of foundation models.

    Taken together, these indemnities provide comprehensive coverage for our customers who may be justifiably concerned about the risks associated with this exciting new frontier of generative AI products. While these indemnities provide powerful protections, we are also committed to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with our customers about other specific use cases that may need coverage.

    Getty Images recently offered a similar guarantee to its customers, and it’s a safe bet more companies will follow suit in an effort to spur further adoption.

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