Google Offering Free GoMo Sites

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Mobile internet usage doubled in the last year, and it has been recently reported that mobile news content has now surpassed desktop content. A recent study by Limelight networks has shown that up to 80% of customers that visit a mobile site that offers a bad user experience move on and don't return, and Google is helping small businesses to optimize online storefronts for mobile by offering free websites via its GoMo page.

Google's GoMo and DudaMobile have joined together to better streamline desktop sites to be more mobile-friendly, by offering various templates, which can be customized. All a small-business owner has to do is enter their URL, and begin:

google gomo

The GoMo-DudaMobile site converts the content into a more mobile-friendly version in 5 steps, to where mobile maps, Google AdSense, and click-to-call features can be added, all free for a year. Also, users who sign up for the GoMo-DudaMobile service can import their existing Google Analytics trackers via site settings. Google's promotion includes:

• Professional templates and free hosting
• 1 year Premium Service for FREE* (value of $108)
• No need to submit payment details – No strings attached.
• Unlimited Email & Phone Support

Developers of DudaMobile point out that their platform is best for converting simple sites, and those featuring a lot of e-commerce and Flash content should contact the contact the agency that built their site, or use GoMo's own website developer directory.