Google Maps API Gets More Features for Styled Maps

Developer & Design

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In the two years that it's existed, designers and developers have created some pretty awesome stuff with the Styled Maps in the Google Maps API. There was that zombie apocalypse survival map along with several arty and crafty maps, like the Maps Without Maps and Time Shutter. There's also the now-abandoned Mood of Our Cities Now map, which NBC created to display how America is feeling about regional news. Another cool example of a developer creating some stunning designs is the Stories Unbound map.

As if those maps weren't impressive enough, Google Maps announced today that it's rolling out a few additional features with which developers will no doubt utilize and dazzle our eyes and minds. Google Maps API PM Thor Mitchell shared the three new tools on the Google Geo Developers blog earlier today:

  • You can now specify a precise color for features as an RGB value in addition to the existing adjustment filters for hue, saturation, lightness, and gamma.
  • You can now style the outline stroke of features separately from the interior fill, and the label text separately from any icon.
  • You can now adjust the width of line features such as roads and rivers, and also the width of feature outlines.
  • Seriously, if you think the collection of maps currently on display over at the Google Developers Showcase is something, the new levels of detail might be about to get a little scary. Check out the interactive map below that uses all three new options.