Google Maps: 15 More Cities With 45° Imagery


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Taking a break from offering wild interpretations of Street View adventures, Google Maps today announced that 45° imagery has been added to 15 more cities: 13 in the United States, 1 in Australia, and 1 in Argentina.

One of the more interesting places in this 45° batch, Córdoba, Argentina, features the Córdoba Cathedral, a peculiar piece of architecture that includes contributions from baroque, neoclassical, and Romanesque (it's what happens when a place takes 200 years to be constructed). You'll notice the interesting outline (almost like a chalk drawing, really) of the cathedral on the concrete before its facade.

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Atlanta, Georgia, is another city included in this update, which has tons of sights to see. One place of note is one of the largest providers for dentists and dietitians throughout the United States: The World of Coca Cola. It's basically the Willy Wonka's chocolate factory of soft drinks where you can try different Coke products from around the world, play with animatronic polar bears, and marvel at historic Coca-Cola memorabilia.

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I was going to feature the Johnson Space Center that's in Houston, Texas, as that city was listed as being included in this update but... the space center still looks non-45° so instead, here's a view of the Houston Zoo. Below, you can spy on some long-necked mammals that probably aren't giraffes but, rather, the successful yield of the zoo's genetic experimentation (actually, they're probably giraffes).

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Here's the full list of cities included in the update.

United States: Atlanta, GA; Canyon Lake, TX; Charleston, SC; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Lakeland, FL; Lubbock, TX; Orlando, FL; Port Charlotte, FL; Roanoke, TX; San Luis Obispo, CA; Smyrna, TN; Walker, LA

Australia: Adelaide.

Argentina: Córdoba.