Google Makes Changes To AdSense Performance Reports

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Google announced some changes to performance reports for AdSense today. The company says the changes will improve usability and make the reports more visually compelling.

One change involves the graph area. It now covers a wider areas of the screen. Secondly, the list of metrics has been moved from the right-hand side of the screen to the top in an interactive scorecard.

There are also now new graph types, like pie graphs or bar charts. The Countries report shows where users are located on a world map, not unlike what you will find in Google Analytics.

Countries Report

There are new buttons for day, week and month for the timeline graph. Google says these will "allow for more control over granularity when analyzing activity over longer time periods."

You can choose "Events" on a timeline report graph or select the "Events" report from the navigation to see how specific account changes are related to account performance, Google explains.

Reports are now organized into "Common Reports," " Quick Reports," and "Saved Reports". Quick reports can be accessed in their own panel instead of having to navigate through the Saved reports panel.

Chris Crum
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