Google Loved By Both Men And Women, According To Desired Brands Survey

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If you're ever having a fight with your significant other, know that you can find common ground over your shared love of Google, Dove, and Southwest Airlines.

Brand insight firm Buyology has just released the results of their 2012 Most Desired Brand Index. The list "quantitatively types and measures consumer relationships with brands using rigorous quantitative tools that measure people's deepest, non-conscious connections to brands." The survey tested over 220 brands and pull their sample from 4,000 Americans. And one of the takeaways from the study is that both fo the sexes have an affinity for Google.

In fact, Google placed 2nd on the Women's Most Desired List. For men, Google fell to 7th place. Overall, men and women agree that Southwest Airlines is their most desired company.

Check out the top ten lists for both sexes below:

“This year’s brand ranking demonstrates that it’s essential for companies to invest in creating deeper differentiated relationships with their consumers. These relationships provide the context that either amplifies or diminishes everything the brand does to connect with its customers,” said Gary Singer, Founding Partner and CEO, Buyology Inc. “Buyology’s neuro-insight tools provide rigorous analytic measurement of these deeper, previously unmeasured, connections to provide unique insight to brands and a roadmap for how to strengthen their relationships.”

This is the second year for the Most Desired Brands report, and the results in 2012 are markedly different from the results from 2011. In 2011, Johnson & Johnson sat atop the Women's list while Crest sat atop the Men's. Women already loved Google in 2011, as the company placed 6th. But for men, Google failed to even crack the top 20.

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