Google Leases 100,000 Square Feet Of Space In Venice, CA


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Yesterday, Google announced that it intends to hire more than 6,000 new employees this year.  Now, we're starting to learn where the search giant will put some of its workers, as word's spread that Google's leased 100,000 square feet of office space in Venice, California.

Although Google hasn't yet had the chance to decorate them with fake dinosaur skeletons and full-scale rocket ship replicas, the three buildings containing the space should fit right in with its offbeat corporate personality.  A Los Angeles Times article noted that one of them is "the famed Binoculars Building designed by Frank Gehry."

That's not an obscure reference of some sort, either; as you can see below, there's a huge sculpture of a pair of binoculars out front.

Otherwise, the article stated, "Google representatives confirmed Tuesday night that the company had signed a lease for the properties, saying its employees would begin moving into the offices this year.  Google's new complex of buildings will have more square footage than its current facilities in Santa Monica, where the largest of the three buildings has 45,000 square feet and houses 300 employees."

That means these new buildings might wind up accommodating 650 or 700 Googlers if the company allots everyone similar amounts of elbow space.

At the same time, that means Google will almost surely need to lease or buy other buildings, as well, so stay tuned for further announcements.