Google Launches 'Get Trips' Mobile App

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Google has created a comprehensive new travel app, Get Trips, available for both Android & iOS mobile devices, that push it further into the travel industry. The new travel app, targeted toward sight seeing consumers, is both a trip planner and coordinator, giving you helpful suggestions on things to see nearby a destination as well as keeping your reservation info in one convenient place.

Just Be Happy

Google pointed out a study that concluded 74% of travellers are most stressed with the logistics of travel. "Most of the happiness gleaned from vacation is dependent upon the stress level of the vacation," said Shawn Achor, CEO of GoodThink which conducted the study and author of the book Before Happiness. "Poorly planned and stressful vacations eliminate the positive benefit of time away. The less the stress, the more likely you will experience a positive benefit from the time off. A positive, well-managed vacation can make you happier and less stressed, and you can return with more energy at work and with more meaning in your life."


Personalized Tour Guide in Your Pocket

"Knowing what to do when your holiday starts can turn what’s supposed to be fun into a lot of work," said Stefan Frank, Product Manager for Google Trips in a blog post. "You might get recommendations from friends, travel guides, or online reviews — but figuring out how to squeeze everything you want to do into a finite window of time can be stressful, especially when you’re in a new place, often with limited access to the web."

Google Trips according to Google is a "personalized tour guide in your pocket" with each trip organized by day plans, reservations, things to do, food and drink, and much more. Google says that all of the apps features work offline too, which is incredibly helpful to those traveling without the benefit of expensive phone connections and inconsistent wifi. You can create the trip entirely in advance and simply download it to your phone.

Planning a Day is Easy

Google Trips includes day plans for the top 200 cities in the world and features the most popular itineraries, automatically generated from data Google has gathered from other travellers. It may sound creepy, but Google knows where just about everybody is at all times and keep a record of it, just in case it decides to build an app like this one. Don't forget, you agreed to it when you added any Google app to your mobile device.


"Say your friends told you that you have to see the Sagrada Familia — and you’re looking for suggestions on things to do around that spot," says the Google Travel team. "Press the “+” button in the day plans tile to jump into a map view containing all the top attractions in your destination. If you’re time constrained, you can specify above the map whether you have just the morning or afternoon, versus a full day. Then simply tap and pin the Sagrada Familia to build your itinerary around it. Google Trips automatically fills in the day for you."

It Keeps Your Info Too

Google Trips ensures that you don't have to scramble or have an internet connection when you have to find your reservations for planes, trains, automobile or hotels. This eliminates the panic we know that many of you feel when you just can't connect, the data is hard coded into your phone!


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