Google I/O Extended And Live Details Emerge

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Remember when Google I/O tickets sold out in a mere 20 minutes with developers claiming that the whole thing was rigged? If you were one of those developers, Google at the time told you all to calm down and join up in one of the I/O Extended events. With Google I/O just a mere month and a half away, it's time to start planning those Extended events.

If you're unfamiliar, Google I/O Extended is kind of like a proxy to the actual Google I/O event. It's where a local organizer sets up a developer community meetup around the livestreaming of Google I/O events and talks. If you can't get to Google I/O, this is your next best option. If you still really need that Google I/O experience, get everybody treadmills to replicate how your feet are going to hurt after walking around all day.

Google has created a Web site full of planning tips for a successful Google I/O Extended event. I highly recommend checking it out so you can get your location listed on the official list. That way, more people beyond your brother who's only there for the free cheesy poofs will show up.

If you're stuck out in the middle of nowhere or if that whole social thing just isn't your cup of tea, Google will be livestreaming the keynote and select sessions through I/O Live. The livestream will be taking place on June 27-28. Google also says that they have doubled the amount of sessions that will be streamed while featuring four channels of programming.

If you still can't make I/O Live, Google will have recordings of all the sessions online within 48 hours of their taking place. That way you can save the sessions for when you need them the most - like when you can't sleep and work is in three hours.

Google will start posting more information about I/O Live and its schedule as the date of the event draws near. Keep your eyes on the Google I/O page for all the latest updates. This year might prove to be extra interesting if Google decides to use the event to publicly showcase Project Glass.

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