Google I/O Event Schedule Shows Heavy Chrome & Android Focus

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Developers for Google platforms treat Google's yearly I/O conference like a rock concert. The tickets for this year's event sold out in 20 minutes. At the conference, developers are treated to the best advice Google has to offer about programming and designing for Google's many platforms, as well as major announcements about future Google products. Google has even been known to give away cutting-edge tech to attendees.

Two months after registration opened for the conference, Google has finally released a schedule for the event. The calendar for the three-day even is up on the Google Developers website, and can be sorted by day and by tracks, which include Android, Cloud Platform, Google APIs, Google Drive, Google TV, and YouTube, among others. Clicking on a session provides a brief description of what it will be about, and allows users to add the event to a schedule that can be built on the site.

With so many sessions and lectures on the schedule, it will no doubt be difficult for attendees to fit in everything they would want to. This is especially true for those interested in the Android or Chrome tracks, which have the most sessions scheduled, including some that overlap. Developers could spend five hours every day soaking up the expertise of Google's Android experts and still not see it all.

The Android track for the conference features topics such as accessibility, monetization, navigation, and Android style, as well as sessions titled "Ten Things Game Developers Should Know" and "The Sensitive Side of Android." The Chrome track covers HTML 5, Native Client, Dart, and GRITS, a player versus player shooter game created using HTML 5.

Those lucky few who are able to attend Google I/O will also be treated to the best machines created through Google's fun new Chrome experiment. The experiment is so fun, in fact, that it delayed the writing of this very article.

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