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Google I/O hasn't even officially begun yet, but already Google has had an incredibly busy week (not that this is unsual for the company). Facebook chatter has been going strong since its developer conference, but now it's Google's turn.

Watch for exclusive interviews live from Google I/O this week.

On my flight out here to San Francisco, I was looking back over some of the things Google has done over the years, and really putting into perspective just how much territory Google has covered since Larry Page and Sergey Brin started their little Backrub search engine. Things are far from slowing down in 2010. That is quite apparent.

Tomorrow Google I/O will start, and a sold out crowd of developers will be turned loose on a plethora of Google sessions for various products and APIs. Right now, it's just Tuesday night, and so far this week Google has:

- Announced plans to acquire Global IP Solutions
- Launched a new API for contextual gadgets in Gmail
- Released updates to Google Apps Script

And as usual, Google is making headlines for all sorts of different reasons. Eric Schmidt is talking about fighting for Admob, and the company is cleaning up its Wi-fi data fiasco.

At the event, Google is expected to launch a storage service that would compete with Amazon S3. There are also some interesting things involving TVs expected to be revealed. GM will show off some Google-related offerings, and ff course Flash is certain to be on a lot of people's minds as well.

Google I/O may be a big event, but in the end, this is just another week for Google. Another entry in the ongoing timeline.

Stay tuned to WebProNews for coverage of Google I/O this week. Watch for exclusive live video interviews here.

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