Google Introduces New AdSense Mobile Interface

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People who make a serious amount of money using AdSense (or at least wish they did) will now better be able to keep track of their earnings while on the move.  Today, Google introduced the beta version of an AdSense interface designed specifically to complement mobile devices.

We'll admit that this change might not have been in high demand.  On a national level, not many people even know what AdSense is, never mind possess an interest in checking it every ten minutes.  Perhaps that fact should just make the target group feel even warmer and fuzzier, however.

Anyway, a post on the Inside AdSense Blog explained, "Now, when you visit on your mobile browser, instead of the usual 'desktop' AdSense, you'll be greeted by a simpler and faster version of AdSense."

Then the post, which was coauthored by three members of the AdSense engineering team, continued, "We built the AdSense mobile interface to give you quick access to the essentials in your account.  You can easily check your earnings, get important alerts, and view reports (without the need for Flash) on your phone."

Or, if you miss the old interface, it's possible to switch back via a link at the bottom of the screen, which is always a nice option to have.

Just be sure to check out the new version every now and again, since the team's sure to work out any kinks that are present, and additional features are supposed to be introduced over time.

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