Google+ helps Wounded Receive Treatment In Thailand

IT Management

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We ran across this really cool video on Thailand rural medical communication via Google+ Hangouts. Apparently some folks have taken advantage of the service to consult about wounds, sickness and other medical issues.

In remote areas of Thailand, many people don't have the means to travel for medical assistance let alone pay for it. This video truly demonstrates the utility of social networking tools like Hangouts.

We have just begun to recognize how powerful social media can be. As the technology evolves, it can shape peoples lives in ways we didn't even imagine. Take a look:

When Star Trek came out, we all thought about how cool it would be to transport from one place to another, or get beamed away just in time to avert trouble. I think social media is a kind of first step to that end. We are gaining access to areas that were never dreamed possible before. Sure, we can't really be there without spending thousands of dollars, but we can take a glimpse for just the cost of an internet connection.