Google+ Hangouts API Detailed During Meta-Hangout

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It feels good to have a Google+ office hours Hangout actually come out on time. Today's hangout comes from just yesterday where the Google+ team and the Hangouts API lead Richard Dunn took the time out of their day to discuss what's going on with the API.

Today's hangout is a bit special and longer than the others. Clocking in at 42 minutes, the entirety of this hangout is all about the Hangouts API. It's also special because it's more casual with the developers talking about their current projects.

By far, the coolest project mentioned is that one of the developers is looking into the possibility of perhaps bringing Netflix movie parties to a Hangout. This would require looking into preventing a Hangout app, like Netflix, during a Hangout On Air. There's nothing like that yet, but they talked about the possibilities.

One of the more interesting questions involved bringing Hangouts On Air to Android, but that extends to bringing Hangouts On Air to mobile devices in general. Unfortunately, there aren't any plans for it yet, but they are looking into it.

They are also rolling out Hangouts On Air soon that will allow people to livestream their Hangouts on YouTube and other places like Google+.

All these current questions and more are discussed in the latest Google+ office hours Hangout. There's some good stuff here for developers who are now just getting their feet wet with the publicly available Hangout API. Check it out and become informed.