Google Glasses Already Made By Oxford Developer

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Google (and maybe even Valve) are working really hard to bring augmented reality glasses to market. There's a lot to be done in terms of testing the technology, software R&D, getting it approved, etc. The point is that there is a lot of hoops that these larger companies have to go through to bring new hardware like the Google Glasses to market. If you're a single designer with some spare time on your hands, you could totally beat Google to the punch with your own pair of AR glasses.

That's just what happened as Will Powell, an AR developer for Oxford, created his own pair of Google Glasses. Well, they aren't exactly Google Glasses as Google probably imagines them. He used already available hardware and software to create a close approximate that works just as well.

According to Powell's blog post on the matter, he used a combination of Vizux Glasses, Microsoft HD Webcams, mic headset and the Dragon naturally speaking software. Not exactly the most elegant hardware solution, but it gets the job done. The use of Vizux glasses are definitely the real hero though as it allows for the display of the images you see in the video.

While we already know that Google's Project Glass will look vastly different from Powell's creation, it gives us a good idea of what Project Glass we be like once it ships later this year.

[h/t: Slash Gear]