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Babak Parviz, known as the creator of Google Glass, who led the project until Google replaced him with Ivy Ross recently, spoke at the Wearable Technologies Conference this week. He told attendees that Glass is only one answer to what the next mobile platform could be, following smartphones and tablets.

Remember, this is the guy who talked about some pretty amazing ideas for contact lenses, and is already working on Google's contact lens project for diabetics.

CNET recaps some of the things he talked about. One noteworthy item is that search was a driving factor behind Google developing the device in the first place:

One of the main drivers for developing the device was being able to find information almost instantaneously. A Google search will give someone a reasonable answer to almost any question in about 10 seconds, he said. The goal for Glass was to "significantly shorten that time." "Can we make it three seconds? One second? A fraction of a second?" he said.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that search would be the main driver of this project, given that this is still how Google makes the bulk of its money.

It's still very early days for Glass, but those early parodies of the device's concept video that showed viewers being overrun by ads isn't sounding very far-fetched (if it ever was).

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