Google Gives Back. A Lot.


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Google took a moment today to update everybody with the fact that they are awesome. And by awesome, I mean they're big-time philanthropy heroes that support science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education; girls' education in the developing world; empowerment through technology; and the fight against modern-day slavery. A preview of their mission has been compiled in the following video:

That's a lot of causes to be taking on, but Google has partnered with numerous organizations in order to make the most of their efforts. The STEM organizations will be working to encourage students to embrace the science/tech/engineering/math field and hopefully take advantage of the 2.4 million jobs that will be created in this arena over the next six years.

Google has also focused on improving education for girls in areas such as Africa and the Middle East. With the benefit of education, a girl will "earn 25% more money, be 3 times less likely to contract HIV/AIDS, and have a smaller, healthier family." With their partners, Google aims to help educate more than 10,000 girls living in the developing world.

It's no secret that low and middle-income countries have significantly less access to digital technology. Through the use of social media, open source programming, and other technology platforms, Google hopes it can increase the economic growth of impoverished regions of the world and foster a prosperous environment that will bring about much-needed change.

Beyond propelling change into future generations, Google also wants to initiate change now starting with the liberation of slaves. According to studies, "there are more slaves today than at any other point in history" but Google hopes to provide freed slaves with the means and tools to return to their villages and help educate people from being tricked or forced into slavery. Google expects that their plan will liberate over 12,000 people from modern-day slavery as well as protect millions of others from becoming victimized into this pure, abject misery.

This year alone, Google contributed more than $100 million for various causes around the world, $40 million of which were grants distributed to organizations designed to undertake the four causes listed above. To learn more, see a list of participating organizations enlisted for each cause or find out how to become involved in the cause(s), visit Google Gives Back.