Google Begins Fiber Internet Construction In Kansas City

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After months of waiting, Google is now beginning construction of their super fast Internet service in Kansas City.

Announced today on the Google Fiber Blog, Kevin Lo said that they will be taking thousands of cables and stretching them across Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. The new glass fiber cables will create a new online infrastructure that will carry data at 100 times faster speeds than what most Americans have access to right now.

They’re going to be focusing on building the backbone of the fiber network for now, but they’ll start connecting houses once the infrastructure is up and running.

The Kansas City Star is reporting that Google took their time due to issues over where Google would attach the fiber optic cables to. The original agreement said that Google would be able to hang its wires for free in the upper part of utility poles that usually host electrical lines.

The problem came with the fact that using the higher up portions of electrical lines brought higher fees from construction and hiring more advanced engineers that charge more for their services. A source from Google told the Kansas City Star that Google was going to opt out of the offer and put their wires at the same level as other Internet providers in the community.

Google has about 100 people working in Kansas City at the moment with more people coordinating the efforts back at their HQ in Mountain View, California.

Google hasn’t said how much their service will cost, but promises it will be competitive with what local ISPs are charging.

Are any of our readers in Kansas City? If so, have you seen Google employees out and about today?

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