Google Expands: More Advertisers and Agencies in UK

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After some extensive testing in the UK market, Google has announced plans toGoogle+Affiliate+Network%29"> grow their affiliate network in the area. Google now has a ten based in london who is working to support UK users. More advertisers and agencies will be coming aboard soon.

Key benefits for UK users:

* Market-leading insights and reporting available in local timezone, language and currency

* Publisher payments available in over 40 currencies in 80 countries

* Product feed integration via Google Merchant Centre

* Ability to create accounts with different payouts, advertiser-specific terms and local market presence

* Custom recruiting for select advertisers

UK publishers:

UK publishers can now apply for UK affiliate programmes including Blue Nile,, Orvis UK,, Skechers and more. Follow the steps below to to get started:

1.) Log in to your account (or apply to join our network)

2.) Go to the Advertisers tab

3.) On the left-hand navigation, click ‘Countries’ and choose United Kingdom

4.) Apply to programmes

UK Advertisers:

If you’re an advertiser interested in starting an affiliate programme with Google Affiliate Network, please contact us and a member of our team can provide more information.

So it looks like good news for the UK. Now they can enjoy more relevant deals and advertising. If you're in the UK and you haven't experienced any of these changes test, they will be coming very soon.

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